So, what is a ZeusWolf? Is it a mythical creature? Possibly a wolf practicing hubris? While these are all entertaining theories, they’re wrong. ZeusWolf is the partnership of Zach Hurwitz and Sam Wolf: A couple of east coast Jews with an affinity for music and everything dope. There is a lacking of long-form content in today’s world of short attention spans. The ZeusWolf boys are here to fill that void. 

We incepted the brand one night while thinking of cool names for Sam’s future children (normal behavior for two 20-something year-old men, no?)—“Yo bro, like, how dope would it be if you named your kid Zeus?...Yo bro, wait, that’s a dope name for the site!”.  You cannot make this up.

The core focus of the site is simple: Provide viewers with an uninhibited look into artists' lives and backgrounds through deep conversation. We offer both video and audio recordings as well as an accompanying write-up to ensure that we best represent the artist. In addition to the site's main service of interviews, we provide playlists, articles and are developing original series as well, featuring artists in various contexts.

ZeusWolf has your back. We’re here to provide you with awesome content to help get you through the day and maybe even drop some knowledge. Enjoy.  

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