“Deadz” by Migos featuring 2 Chainz

When I wake up, my typical routine is taking a shower, eating some breakfast, and diving into new music. Migos on the other hand? They count piles of blue faces, or as they call them, “deadz.” One of their strongest songs off their number-one album Culture, “Deadz” featuring 2 Chainz is an homage to the baller lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to. First from trapping, now from music. Regardless of the vocation, the result is the same: they’re counting up deadz.

Yesterday, Migos and Titty boi gave the track the visual treatment—a video featuring the Atlanta collective enjoy a swaggy mansion, complete with a 10-piece string orchestra, marble hallways, and literal and figurative dead presidents. Migos’ stock is rising as their music continues to spread to wide demographic, affording them the lavish lifestyle they love bragging about. But who can blame them? They’re young, rich, and have a seemingly endless runway ahead of them.


“Help” by Your Old Droog featuring Wiki and Edan

Since its inception, New York rap has enjoyed a gritty, underground aesthetic, equipping it with a certain authenticity lost on other Hip Hop regions. I’m of course bias because I’m from the area, but how many rappers today are using garbage trucks and sanitation workers as the focal points of their videos? “Help” by Your Old Droog featuring Wiki and Edan paints a distinct contrast to Migos’ “Deadz” to round out the evolution of a Hip Hop artist. 

In the “Help” video, Droog, Wiki of Ratking, and Edan explore New York through the vantage point of sanitation workers, picking up trash as they lay down bars. I can’t quite decided what’s most “New York” about this song/video. Between Droog balling in his Tims on an outdoor court, their unmistakable NY sound, and shooting dice in the street, it’s clear that they’re proudly rapping for their city—something New York artists need to do more. Peep this joint to celebrate New York rap’s hopeful return.


“Check” by Meek Mill

It’s been a little rough lately for Philly’s Meek Mill. He’s largely been out of the public eye relative to his 2015 status, due the infamous Aubrey slaying and subsequent Nicki breakup. But it seems like the Dream Chaser leader is planting himself back in the spotlight with the video for his 2015 hit, “Check.” Hey, better late than never, right?

The track’s tangible energy translates to its visual counterpart. Aerial and pan shots take us through Philly’ streets, showing us its vivacious residents, iconic street bikes, and piles of cash. Seeing as the song’s entitled, “Check,” the latter observation should come as no surprise. What’s interesting is that this video shows that the hustle knows no age—everyone, young and old, is out here to stack their ends. 

This dope video might be just what Meek needs to reclaim his once grand stature.