This week's Friday's Heat features tracks from: 6LACK & Jhene Aiko, Thundercat & Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, DJ Premiere & Miguel, and THEY.


“First Fuck” by 6LACK featuring Jhene Aiko

He’s back, he’s back, he’s back! After dropping off his acclaimed rookie project, FREE 6LACK, this past November, 6LACK has been busy touring and enjoying the fruits of his labor. The only problem with releasing an inaugural project as hot as FREE 6LACK is that it has us begging for more. Finally, after months of playing “Gettin’ Old” to the point where it’s ironically, actually getting a little old, Atlanta’s 6LACK returns with Jhene Aiko for “First Fuck.” 

In classic 6LACK form, “First Fuck” is a sensual musical journey discussing how he’ll reel you in after, you know, that first fuck. I remember hearing FREE 6LACK for the first time and texting my friend saying “Yo, this is the perfect sex playlist music” (pause), and “First Fuck” fits in with that aesthetic perfectly. Throw this on if you’re about to get some, or even if you’re going to get some self-love. It don’t matter. The song’s hot, and will temporarily fill that void that 6LACK left.


“Walk on By” by Thundercat featuring Kendrick Lamar

I’ve never been the biggest Thundercat fan (aside from the TV show, of course). Well I’ve never really given him the fair chance that he deserves, so that’s what I’m doing today! His new album, Drunk, is a 23-track funky journey displaying his eccentric music that’s harnessed his cult-like following. One song stands out from the rest, though: “Walk on By” featuring Compton’s prodigal son, Kendrick Lamar.

This isn’t the first time that the LA kids have linked up. They linked up for K. Dot’s past two albums, TPAB and Untitled, Unmastered, and their newest collaboration, “Walk on By,” proves why their contrasting sonics and styles blend well together. This track feels like someone placed Cornrow Kenny in the middle of an acid trip and just wanted to see what would happen. Spoiler alert: the result is dope.


“Safe” by Young Thug 

Thugger thugger baby! The hypnotizing Atlanta titan returns this week with his new melodic track, “Safe,” guaranteed to make you bump your head and reach for the medicine cabinet. I honestly still can’t really understand what he’s saying 75% of the time, but with Young Thug, lyrical cognition comes second to his intoxicating sound.

Hopping on the Wheezy and Rex Kudo production, Jefferey talks about how it’s important to not cheap out when it comes to purchasing security. Everyone wants a piece of Thug. My man’s has to be careful out there. In addition to the new track, Thugger also dropped off an accompanying video showing the mumble rapper in an all-white ensemble complemented by a white, bright scenery. It’s Friday, we got new Thug, we got a new Thug video… it’s gonna be a good day. 


“2 LOVIN U” by DJ Premiere featuring Miguel

Damn, it’s been a phenomenal week for music. We’ve received new music from a wide array of artists, including the joint DJ Premiere and Miguel track, “2 LOVIN U.” The industry mainstays combine to create a fun, upbeat track showcasing Miguel’s velvety vocals that are adequately complemented by DJ Premiere’s production and scratching.

The high-energy song is a love ballad celebrating Miguel’s symbiotic relationship with the woman discussed on the track. Vivid imagery and clever metaphors deepen this sentiment, like, “Two palm trees in the sand / I’m damned to loving you now / We set fire to these skies for our love.” The lyricsm isn’t stretched too far, allowing DJ Premiere to shine as Miguel’s voice complements the beat. “2 LOVIN U” is a pleasing track that will send you off into the weekend on a high note.


“Silence” by THEY.

The blogs have been buzzing about the R&B duo’s, THEY., debut album, Nü Religion: HYENA, released today. And rightfully so. Their new project is a testament to their strong chemistry that is manifested by their complementary styles, bouncing off each other like the classic Atari game. One of THEY.’s standout tracks, “Silence,” has that in spades.

Almost borrowing from a trap soul aesthetic, “Silence” employs typical trap hi-hat production, without ever completely submerging into the Atlanta sound. THEY. is able to retain a very distinct identity while using enticing sounds that mesh with their smooth, rhythmic vocals. “Silence” celebrates the silence after having sex—that moment after passion culminates in the physical expression of love. THEY. yearns for the silence, but their new music will have you turning up the volume. 

Go stream their debut album, Nü Religion: HYENA.