“Cute” by D.R.A.M.

I want to be friends with D.R.A.M. so badly. It seems like he's always in a great mood; he’s constantly grinning ear-to-ear; he has an adorable labradoodle; and he loves puppets! It’s like the Forgetting Sarah Marshall quote, “He’s like Ghandi, but better—he likes puppets.” D.R.A.M. is like Ghandi, but better—he likes puppets.

His recently released video for the 2016 single, “Cute,” opens with D.R.A.M. smiley as ever, walking through a convenience store wide-eyed as he finds his puppet doppleganger. The two tag-team the video’s remainder by hitting the town, and drawing attention from a medley of cute girls. Looks like I should reconsider who I pick as a wingman— D.R.A.M. is cleaning up with his puppet P.I.C. Peep this video to end the week on a high note, and to head into the weekend as smiley as D.R.A.M. (if that’s possible).


“Jay Z’s Girl” by Gnarly Davidson

Cee Lo Green is an odd dude. Remember when he dressed up like a ferror rocher candy last Sunday at The Grammy’s? Well, apparently it wasn’t a tribute to his favorite chocolatey treat—it was previewing his new alter-ego, Gnarly Davidson. Cee Lo introduces us to this new character in his latest video, “Jay Z’s Girl,” paying respect to, yup you guessed it, Beyoncé. (Given Lemonade’s attack on Hov’s infidelity, it’s not crazy to think Green’s talking about a different lady.) 

This video is possibly funnier than D.R.A.M.’s, as it features a child version of Cee Lo remixing Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl.” Like I said, Cee Lo Green is an odd dude. However, this song/video are are highly comedic, and impart a message all of us guys can relate to: we all want Jay Z’s girl.


“Reminder” by The Weeknd

Yesterday, The Weeknd turned 27-years-old, and part of his celebration included releasing the video for his hit, “Reminder.” When you reach Abel’s superstar level, every major industry player becomes a close friend, evidenced by the 104-artist cameos throughout the video. Aerial shots and panning cinematography of LA and Canada’s enviable nightlife draw us into this enticing visual. Seeing almost everyone of Hip Hop’s personalities encourages us to stay. This song and video define “victory lap.” 

In a matter of seconds, we see Drake sippin’ on some drank, A$AP Rocky whipping with The Weeknd in a Lambo, and YG chilling at a house party, with plenty of cameos sprinkled throughout the video’s remainder. It’s a loud statement saying, “Hey! Look at all my famous friends who love me! Aren’t you jealous you’re not here with us?” Yes, yes we are, Abel. But for now, we’re going to live vicariously through the “Reminder” video.