“Can’t Call It” by Spillage Village featuring J. Cole, EarthGang, BAS & J.I.D.

This summer gifted us a surplus of great music: Blank Face LP, Everybody Looking, Jeffery, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, and so much more. Through the thicket of amazing albums lied the Snapchat king’s, DJ Khaled’s, Major Key. The album didn’t skimp on talent and produced a slew of fire tracks, but one song gripped me; pulled me in and didn’t let go: “Jermaine’s Interlude.” At only three-minutes long, I felt ripped off—I needed more. On November 8th, an amended version of the original cut from Spillage Village, along with BAS, J.I.D. and of course, J. Cole, was released. The result is amazing and filled the void left by the first song. 


“Me And Your Mama” by Childish Gambino

While he might be more popular today for his groundbreaking show, Atlanta, that doesn’t mean that Donald Glover’s musical skills are dulling; on his newest track, “Me and Your Mama,” they seem as sharp as ever. His new song begins with a dreamy, experimental feel that transitions into a Rock aesthetic, finding Gambino in a novel situation, but not lost. The latter portion is dominated by the song’s alternative instrumental. If this is any indication of Gambino’s new album, Awaken, My Love! (rumored for a December 2nd release), then Winter might not be so cold. 


“The Mac Book (Earl Sweatshirt Remix)” by Curren$y:

Curren$y’s trademark might be that of a stoner rapper, but the man is anything but lazy. Spitta is known for his high-volume library of projects, including one of his 2016 additions, Carrollton Heist. He teamed up with friend, Earl Sweatshirt, to remix a cut (“The Mac Book”) off this mixtape. The product is classic Curren$y: a chill, relaxing song that will have you reaching for your lighter. His smooth flow navigates his dope lifestyle, referencing a Hamptons house video shoot with French Montana, who brought “a hundred chicks through.” Definitely a great addition to a great collection. 


“I’m A Dog” by Marty Baller featuring A$AP Ferg and Migos:

First off, “Im A Dog”’s cover art is hilarious: Snoop Dogg’s high school picture. A$AP Ferg’s protege, Marty Baller, teamed up with his mentor and Migos to put out this high energy, fun track. This interesting combination of territories, New York and Atlanta, foil each other to produce a sonically pleasing contrast, hopefully foreshadowing more collabs between the two Hip Hop hotbeds. If Marty Baller sticks around with the A$AP Mob, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from him.


“See I Miss Pt. 2” by GoldLink featuring Marsha Ambrosius”:

I honestly didn’t start listening to GoldLink up until a couple of months ago when I was dipping deep into Kaytranda’s catalogue. Although I was late to the party, I’m just happy I finally got there. His newest song, “See I Miss Pt.2,” is a strong piece of evidence justifying his remarkable talent. GoldLink’s awesome voice carries his pained lyrics across the jazzy production, complemented by Marsha Ambrosius’ silky vocals, allowing him to divulge his feelings of sorrow and lost towards his ex. Treating this four-minute track like a therapist, we get a sneak peak into GoldLink's mind and thought process. I hope we can expect a lot more from this talent.