The homie, Radamiz, returned to ZeusWolf to discuss in-depth his incredible rookie project, Writeous, which dropped April 17th. The 11-track album is an exploration of Radamiz’ mind and the roller coaster journey he experienced during the album’s four-year production process. He takes us on a tour of his life as he hustles and strives to achieve excellence, in the most righteous way he knows how, while paying homage to his city, peers, collaborators and family. Radamiz raps about relatable concepts like pursuing dreams, patience and how sometimes, we all need a role model to look up to. I was blown away by the final product.

Check out the interview to hear fun conversation with Radamiz and a couple of guests. Like so many of our interviews, this one is equipped with deep questions, scintillating conversation and only the finest champagne, Andre.  Enjoy.  


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