Lil Dicky is talented. On the surface, he’s a goofy white guy with a Jew fro, a small penis, and a self-deprecating charm. But deep down, well, he’s still that goofy white Jewish guy who’s made a career discussing his undersized manhood. However, Lil Dicky is far more talented than his comedic demeanor lets on. Despite his pasty complexion and neurotic mindset, pound-for-pound, Dicky’s bars are amongst the game's most clever.

LD leveraged his comedic rhymes for mainstream attention, first gaining exposure with his viral hit, “Ex-Boyfriend.” From that video, two things were clear: Lil Dicky can actually spit, and he’s downright hilarious. However, the latter fact far eclipsed the former one, making Dicky look more like a stand-up comedian than rap star. Over time, Dicky continued his viral marketing effort by releasing hilarious video after hilarious video, eventually leading to his debut studio album, Professional Rapper. His videos and raps continued to legitimize his place as a budding emcee, and caught the attention of big industry players, like Snoop Dogg, Rich Homie Quan, Fetty Wap, and T-Pain, all who made appearances on his rookie album. 

Still, Professional Rapper trended more towards a comedy CD than rap album due to the content, and the fact that it was put out by a guy named Lil Dicky. Fans still didn’t take him seriously as a lyrical threat. However, he began shifting patron’s view of him after releasing his Tim Westwood freestyle, where he delivered an onslaught of equally intricate and hilarious bars, such as, “But I been skim milk chugging with a bitch hot as asphalt / Bitch wonder why I’m cumming quick, it’s your ass fault.”  

Recently, he was featured on Kent Jones’ track, “Sit Down,” in addition to Ty Dolla $ign and E-40. Truly a star-studded cast. Since he’s been relatively quiet, this track served as a nice reminder that Dicky is a hilarious, talented rapper. Part of his comedic value is taking age-old Hip Hop concepts, like introducing nicknames to start off a track, and poking fun at them.

Let’s take a look at some of Lil Dicky’s funniest intro nicknames.


“Who Knew”

Nickname: The Time Traveler’s Wife


Nickname: Stem Cells


“$ave Dat Money”

Nickname: The Independent Variable


“Classic Male Pregame”

Nickname: The Original Pancake



Nickname: Mr. Leftward-Sloping Penis


“Too High”

Nickname: Young Dick